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Quality and safety;
that is HEBO

Our aim at HEBO is to offer the client total peace of mind. To be able to deliver the offered service at the highest possible level. And in doing so meeting al the clients needs and expectations.

HEBO realises its workforce is invaluable in executing and completing some of the most complex and challenging projects for a wide range of clients. That’s why HEBO invests in improving knowledge and expertise within the workforce on a regular basis. To be able to execute and complete these complex projects the workforce ahs the use of a wide range of equipment, vessels and vehicles. It is this equipment that enables HEBO to offer a complete service at a very high level. To keep investing in maintenance and new equipment is a priority. Innovation is key within any investment made.

Management, sales and execution are certified in line with the international ISO 9001:2015. In accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 guidelines risk management and developing opportunities are crucial for HEBO. The way in which we minimise risk and maximize opportunities means operations can run as efficient, safe and cost effective as possible guaranteeing the client the best possible service on offer. Maximizing opportunities means HEBO has to not only strive to increase its share of the market in the Netherlands but also look across the border and make the most of the chances on offer internationally. Short lines of communications, active engagement by the board of directors at all levels of the company and the courage to take calculated risks when needed contribute to the success of the company.

Safety is a high priority

Carrying out work during a HEBO project is inherently dangerous. Creating a culture were safety comes second to none is a priority for HEBO. The VCA-Petrochemical certified safety management systems illustrates HEBO’s commitment to safety within the workplace. We invest heavily, on a yearly basis, in training and educating the workforce in the safest ways to carry out their duties. But also in PPE needed to minimize risk to individual workers in whatever circumstance they may have to carry out their work. A major part of being able to operate in a safe manner is the level of maintenance carried out in keeping the fleet and auxiliary equipment up to standard. That’s why the extensive investment programme in maintenance has a positive effect on the level of safety during the execution of projects.

To be able to carry out the work we do HEBO relies on motorised vessels, vehicles and equipment. HEBO is conscious of the fact that the equipment we use contributes to the CO2 output into the atmosphere. We take our responsibility in this matter by looking to operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This means looking at new, innovative and environmentally friendly ways of maintaining, upgrading and adding to the HEBO fleet. To underline the intentions HEBO has in operating as environmentally friendly as possible we have been inspected and deemed fit to carry the “CO2 prestatieladder level 2” certification.

HEBO is affiliated with the SKAO (Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement & Business), https://var/www/vhosts/ More information about CO2 reduction in general and which other organizations are affiliated to the SKAO and certified on the CO2 performance ladder can be found on the SKAO website