Because every project requires thorough preparation.

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Everything based on calculations

Heavy lifting, special transport, skidding and jacking operations – they all require thorough preparation. Our in-house engineering department has all the skills and software needed to work out your project down to the smallest detail.

We guarantee you the following:

  • One party for the complete engineering of your project
  • Great accuracy thanks to professional resources and many years of experience
  • Special GHS software for calculating pontoon stability

Skills and software

We are working with programmes such as AutoCAD, SolidEdge, GHS, and SCIA Engineer every day. In addition, we use special software packages, such as GHS, with which we calculate the stability of pontoons or coupled flat deck barges. This way, you are always assured of the right pontoon for your work and/or load combination. 

We provide the complete engineering of horizontal and vertical transport. Complex heavy lift or transport jobs are worked out in detail with the help of:

  • Stability calculations
  • Seafastening and strength calculations
  • Roll-on / roll-off calculations
  • Lifting and transport plans
  • 3D drawings
  • FEM analysis

The HEBO methodology

Setting up an implementation plan

If you choose HEBO, you are assured of perfect preparation
Establishing safe and efficient working methods

We take care of the complete engineering of the project.
Project preparation

Our project leaders will work out all the project details for you - taking into consideration safety and the environment.
Realisation and delivery of the project
Our specialist team can take this out of your hands and unburden you from the realisation and delivery of the project.

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