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Heavy lifting according to our standards

The rock-solid combination of smart engineering, high-quality lifting equipment and passionate professionals is our key to success. Choosing HEBO means choosing a safe and responsible solution, always and everywhere.

We guarantee you the following:

  • Custom engineering for your project
  • A safe and environmentally friendly solution
  • Advanced implementation with the best equipment

Intensive involvement


We are convinced that heavy lifting starts with people. People who work safely, innovate and are always looking for the highest quality and technical solutions. This allows us to add extra value during each project. 

Our floating sheerlegs and state-of-the-art crane pontoons are built to specifications so that they can navigate inland waterways to reach projects across all of Europe. We are intensively involved from start to finish. Our involvement begins with the first lift plan, drawings, and stability calculations and ends with a successful delivery on site.

The HEBO methodology

Setting up an implementation plan

If you choose HEBO, you are assured of perfect preparation
Establishing safe and efficient working methods

We take care of the complete engineering of the project.
Project preparation

Our project leaders will work out all the project details for you - taking into consideration safety and the environment.
Realisation and delivery of the project
Our specialist team can take this out of your hands and unburden you from the realisation and delivery of the project.

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