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All preconditions
are in order

We understand that the port is the place where it all happens. A place with constant activity and where every minute counts. We understand that the 24/7 activity in the port must not be interrupted. We make sure that all preconditions for continuity are in place.

We guarantee you the following:

  • The complete maintenance of the port, from waterways to waterway markings
  • Available on contract or on demand
  • Any additional work? We take care of it.

Consider it done

We provide maintenance services for ports, waterways and engineering structures. For a longer period or on demand. This way, you do not have to take care of it yourself.

We understand that during maintenance work, operations in port must not be interrupted. Our aim is to create a safe and (aesthetically) pleasing port environment without causing any inconvenience to its users.

You can call us in for:

  • Keeping waterways and harbours at the correct depth.
  • Providing, checking and maintaining fairway markings.
  • Major maintenance work to harbours

The HEBO methodology

Setting up an implementation plan

If you choose HEBO, you are assured of perfect preparation
Establishing safe and efficient working methods

We take care of the complete engineering of the project.
Project preparation

Our project leaders will work out all the project details for you - taking into consideration safety and the environment.
Realisation and delivery of the project
Our specialist team can take this out of your hands and unburden you from the realisation and delivery of the project.

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