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Vertical or horizontal transport

Vertical and/or horizontal transport challenges for heavy objects? Then jacking and skidding is the solution. With our professional jacking and skidding equipment, we guarantee that we can accurately move objects of up to thousands of tonnes.

We guarantee you the following:

  • We take care of the entire process for you, from engineering to implementation
  • Moving objects weighing thousands of tons with millimetre precision
  • Fast and efficient implementation with specialist equipment

From projects such as yacht building or civil engineering

Our advanced skidding and jacking equipment make it possible to move the heaviest objects horizontally and/or vertically. Yachts, bridge sections, wind turbine transformers – our specialists lift and move them with the greatest precision.


The correct preparation

Our engineers thoroughly prepare every skidding and jacking project. When everything is ready for the implementation phase, we use our own hydraulic jacks, our in-house developed synchronous lifting system, and our 800-ton skidding system. With our synchronous lifting system, we can move objects vertically with full control of the jacking cylinders. As a result, the position of the centre of gravity no longer plays any role in the lifting process.

The HEBO methodology

Setting up an implementation plan

If you choose HEBO, you are assured of perfect preparation
Establishing safe and efficient working methods

We take care of the complete engineering of the project.
Project preparation

Our project leaders will work out all the project details for you - taking into consideration safety and the environment.
Realisation and delivery of the project
Our specialist team can take this out of your hands and unburden you from the realisation and delivery of the project.

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