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The complete salvage process

The first thing to do during a salvage operation is to create a safe situation as quickly as possible. This requires a powerful mix of areas of expertise, such as making stability calculations, salvaging ships or objects, solving safety issues. Our project team has all the know-how and is there for you anytime you need them! 

We guarantee you the following:

  • The entire salvage process from A to Z is taken care of
  • High efficiency thanks to specialist (sonar) salvage vessels
  • The safest, most affordable and fastest solution

Salvage Company 2.0

We believe that a successful salvage operation requires an integral approach. An approach in which engineering, transport, oil spill response, lifting and diving operations seamlessly integrate with one another.

With each salvage project, we ask ourselves an important question, namely how can we provide the safest and quickest solution? This focus, combined with our specialist equipment, ensures that we can get every situation under control in no time.

Please do not hesitate to call us in for:

  • Refloating stranded ships
  • Salvaging (partially) sunken ships
  • Locating and recovering anchors or lost cargo
  • Removing wrecks and obstacles from the waterway

The HEBO methodology

Setting up an implementation plan

If you choose HEBO, you are assured of perfect preparation
Establishing safe and efficient working methods

We take care of the complete engineering of the project.
Project preparation

Our project leaders will work out all the project details for you - taking into consideration safety and the environment.
Realisation and delivery of the project
Our specialist team can take this out of your hands and unburden you from the realisation and delivery of the project.

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