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On 23 June 2018, we received an alert of an oil spill in the port of Rotterdam. The oil tanker Bow Jubail had collided with a jetty and this had caused a hole in the ship’s hull and adjacent fuel tank.

Immediately after the collision, HEBO started cleaning up the oil pollution, beginning with the placing of floating oil containment booms to prevent further spread of the oil. Due to the enormous size of the incident – 220,000 litres of fuel oil had spilled into the water – six HEBO boats were soon working hard to remove the oil. Oil containment operations continued 24 hours a day to tackle the spill. 

After that, HEBO had to clean the oil-stained hulls of the ships and finally the jetties and quays. The spilled oil had also got in the gaps between the basalt blocks of the embankment and had solidified to a black tar-like substance. HEBO has developed a special technique to remove solidified oil from places like this. By pressure spraying the thick tar-like oil with boiling hot water it becomes liquid again. The liquid oil will run from the gaps between the blocks into the water where HEBO can remove it using suction technology. Fortunately, by acting quickly, we were able to prevent worse damage.

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