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HEBO Maritiemservice B.V.

Professional service provider with various specializations.

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Professional tools

HEBO has highly professional tools and materials for carrying out every job efficiently and effectively.

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Particular incidents

HEBO Maritiemservice BV is also the best party in case of special incidents. For example HEBO was recently involved in the salvage of a whale in the Port of Rotterdam.

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Special transports

HEBO Maritiemservice BV. provides a complete solution for all transport issues

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Dedicated people who love their profession.

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HEBO Maritiem Service

HEBO Maritiemservice is a maritime service provider in the broadest sense of the word.

On a daily basis, HEBO’s teams are involved in combating oil spills and calamities, conducting transports, heavy lifting operations, salvaging operations and a wide scale of supporting activities on and around water. We do so 24 hours a day, all over Europe!

For more information about our services, just go the tab ‘services’.

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Hierbij wat foto's van een uitgevoerd hijswerk bij de Botlek Tank Terminal B.V. met de HEBO-Lift 5! https://t.co/Pj6re2l030
Posted On: 27-03-17 23:16


HEBO Maritiemservice acquires majority stake in Mammoet Maritime BV and Mammoet Maritime GMBH
HEBO Maritiemservice acquires majority stake in Mammoet Maritime BV and Mammoet Maritime GMBH

As per August 1st, a large part of Mammoet Maritime BV and Mammoet Martime GMBH will continue their activities under the flag of HEBO. The Executive Board signed the official paperwork for this on Thursday afternoon. This takeover will not only lead to more staff for HEBO, but also to more equipment, three extra locations and an expansion of their activities. According to HEBO management, the takeover offers a great opportunity for further expansion.

Hazardous material spill in Botlek resolved
HEBO responds to fuel leakage of an inland barge.
Large-scale deployment during fuel oil incident
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