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Our team

Our team here at HEBO consists of a group of varied people who offer a passion and talent for their work. Different members of the team bring different talents to the table; accomplished engineers, technical wizards and go-getters who get the job done. Together they strive to find, offer and execute the best solutions possible in service of our clients.

Unique mix of talent

Because of the unique mix of talent and specialisations within our team we are prepared for any situation. Our professionals aim to be the best in the business. These ambitions combined with years of experience and a no nonsense-working atmosphere has resulted in a tight group of people able to meet any challenge.

Reliable and 24 hours a day on standby

Time and again different clients have referred to HEBO as a partner you can rely on to deliver. Give us the word and we will get started and won’t stop until the situation at hand is under control. Especially in the field of “Emergency response” short lines of communication are vital. To achieve this HEBO incident coordinators are on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Should you chose to work with HEBO we will guarantee a 100% reliability.

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